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Childrens Treatments

I use a range of therapies whilst working with children and young people. I have found children are very open to hypnosis, as they have amazing imaginations and find it easy to slip into a trance like state and see themselves as successful, happy individuals.

The most important thing is to ensure they feel relaxed and comfortable. I like to find out your child’s interests and hobbies, including favourite toys, books, films they enjoy and I include aspects of these into their therapy. This ensures each session is unique to your child. Using child friendly language I explain how hypnotherapy will work.

Low Self Esteem

Using fun and interactive therapies, I help children gain confidence by encouraging them to speak about their positive memories and achievements whether that be from school, sports or at home. Talking about success stories will help youngsters feel much happier - adopting a ‘can do’ attitude and encouraging them to see themselves as amazing.

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As part of my therapy, I will talk to a child to help them feel calm and confident about talking about their problems or worries. This will help the child to recognise the initial signs, gain control over it and will teach them how to develop the tools to deal with the initial problem. Approaching the situation from a practical, non-blaming point of view is important. I express the importance of slowing down, calming down and learning how to walk away in certain situations.

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Selective Eating

Selective eating in a child can be worrying, unhealthy and it can cause problems in a household. I encourage children to become happy around food, seeing it as an important and an exciting part of every day life. Changing the thought process can help a child gain confidence, encouraging them to experiment with new tastes and flavours. It’s all about learning how to make food fun.

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Exams & Stress

Hypnotherapy audios can be incredibly calming for children going through stress or exam worries. For some youngsters, stress can begin when they first start infant school or secondary school. Change can be quite daunting. This is a time when children can feel vulnerable and will benefit from learning how to believe in themselves and how to gain confidence from within. I do this with calming techniques and changing thought patterns by reframing.

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Fears & Phobias

It’s important for children to know that fear is normal. The best way to deal with fear and phobia is by anchoring a good state and learning how to turn it off completely. Together we will get to the root of the problem and we’ll work as a team to fight it off. In children, many fear and phobia issues come about because of a lack of confidence. So building confidence and talking about fear is important when fighting to overcome them.

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Enuresis can cause a child to loose confidence and feel stressed. My job is to help the individual gain control of their bladder by encouraging positivity and a better sleep pattern. If a child overcomes a situation stress-free, it will help them to feel confident about the problem in the future. For example, if a child stays at a friend’s house once with no issues, it will then boost their confidence in other situations, diminishing the initial worry completely.

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I use a mix of NLP, coaching and hypnotherapy. I am also a Relax Kids coach and often add some relaxation techniques.

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