Kids will be kids

Kids will be kids

Monday 26th June 2017

We’re living in a time busier than ever before, a generation overtaken by technology and a world where we’re constantly questioning the current affairs. Sometimes we need to stop and think. A bit of ‘me’ time to relax and unwind. And it’s the same for our kids – sometimes it’s important for them to switch off and embrace their youth, enjoying the great outdoors and really just celebrating all the fun that comes with growing up.

Therapy helps to develop the tools youngsters need to enjoy life – just as they should! Therapy is good for a child’s wellbeing. Sometimes it’s good to just talk – discuss our feelings and get a bit of advice along the way.

In recent years, figures suggest that 1 in 10 children aged between 5 and 16 suffer from an emotional disorder such as anxiety or depression. This can be caused by a traumatic life event, stress or sometimes even generic factors of everyday life. Depression in a child can have a huge effect on a child’s emotional, social and academic development. And as child therapist’s, our aim is to encourage children to talk about and understand the cause of the anxiety or depression by feeling confident and picking out the positives.

Signs of stress and emotional strain can appear at any time – and sometimes even the most happy chid can start to show signs of anxiety. But it’s certainly irreversible – using bespoke therapy methods to help the child feel relaxed, happy and positive. It might be that a child uses storytelling to express their feelings, it might be through visual displays such as drawings and paintings – but whatever it is, we encourage youngsters to find the root of the problem and overcome it. We can then work together to get to the root cause of an issue, and using simple techniques can remove all negative energy and see life in a positive light.

Using favourite books and TV characters, picking out positive terminology, using colour and enjoying the great outdoorsare just some of the methods that work. But depending on the child and their personality, therapy can be tailored to get the best results – fast.

Looking at a child’s behaviour and working out how best to tackle the problem is based on the idea that how we think and act both affect how we feel as a whole. The best way to go about overcoming anxiety, particularly in children, is to change distorted thinking and dysfunctional behaviour to help alter our emotions. That might be by removing a traumatic event from the memory, it might be by overcoming a fear or it might be by focusing on empowerment and building on the positive mind.

Children love a challenge. They’re learning every day and learning to love themselves is a huge part of growing up.

It’s our mission to improve the quality of life for anxious children and their families. It’s all about interaction, growing into fears and learning how to outsmart the tricks the brain can play on you.

Using simple NLP tools and hypnotherapy can help children make changes, fast.

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During my time working in education I studied NLP and started using the techniques at home with my three boys. I was amazed to see the difference it made to our family life.

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I use a mix of NLP, coaching and hypnotherapy. I am also a Relax Kids coach and often add some relaxation techniques.

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